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Why is Singapore the dream location for establishing your family office?

Setting up a family office requires a combination of certain talents and attributes. Fortunately, Singapore ranks highly not only in terms of wealth but also well-organized technological structure making it the most affluent and economically powerful country in entire Asia. For people looking forward to a fruitful and well-regulated future, Singapore is considered to be […]

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Things to do before establishing a family office in Singapore

Setting up a family office to ensure proper management and planning of your family‚Äôs assets is a vital step that must be established in compliance with certain rules. Since this preservation method is meant to stay put till the emergence of future generations, it must abide by some principles and take the advice of experts […]

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The Billionaire Effect

The Billionaire effect has been on the rise since 2018 as for the first time there are 589 billionaires on the record. The report conducted by the UBS/PwC Billionaires Insights 2019, shows that the wealth owned by billionaires has been multiplied by three times i.e. USD 2.2 trillion as to what it was 5 years […]

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